It was a pleasure to welcome over 30 business owners when we relaunched the Hall as a destination for corporate events.

As well as a number of North East Chamber of Commerce members from across the North East, we also welcomed specially invited local guests to sample the rooms and some food. There was also a chance to be entertained by a troupe of dancers!

The fact we were more than happy to let our specially invited guests explore the Hall and its rooms left many in awe. Many commented that hotels don’t allow you full access, but that’s what we’re about. Whether it’s a corporate event or a wedding, you should feel relaxed and at home.

Our open house policy was what many visitors said they enjoyed. Lindsay Benton runs her own business, Northumberland Nutrition, and also arranges events for another business.

She said: “Ellingham Hall is amazing. I’d never been before, but after being able to look around at the all the rooms, including the kitchen, I’d say it is one of the best events venues in the region.

“The facilities are amazing and it’s a beautiful place. I have to say, the food was very good!”

Clare McCabe, from the North East Chamber of Commerce, said the Hall had been a perfect venue for its members’ event.

“The Hall has such a lovely feeling and having our meeting at the same time as the corporate launch was perfect because there was music and entertainment too, which gave a very different feel to what we usually have,” she commented.

“It’s somewhere we’d certainly come back to.”

Like so many others who visited, David Kirkland, from North East Times magazine, had never been to Ellingham Hall before.

He explained: “I have heard of the hall before and knew about it hosting weddings, but I’d never been. We arrange events across the region and it would be a perfect place for events.

“We like to get away from the office for some production meetings, and it’s a place that would be perfect for those meetings.

“It is a very surprising place, particularly how big it is. I was very impressed. I have to also say I was also impressed with the members of staff. They were all very polite.”

We couldn’t have put on such an amazing launch without our supporters, who were: Instore Radio, The Whole Shc-Bang, Paul Slattery Caricatures, Corporate Illusion, Clear & Loud AV, Pure Entertainment Group, Prime Entertainment, Phil Smith Photography and North East Chamber of Commerce. 

If you haven’t been to explore Ellingham Hall, or haven’t thought about us as a corporate venue, why not arrange to come and have a look. The kettle’s on!

Images provided by Phil Smith Photography

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