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It takes two to make a memorable wedding!

23rd May 2022

Ian & James

18th November 2021

One of the comments couples often make about their wedding is that it passed far too quickly! A single day can fly by, which is why our two night wedding celebration in Northumberland is so popular.

It was for this reason that Ian and James decided that Ellingham Hall was right for them. And it was worth the wait which was a year longer than planned, due to Covid restrictions!

Notes from the Couple
So, a two day celebration appealed to you?

James: It was one of the biggest, if not the biggest reason for choosing Ellingham Hall. The issue with things like weddings is they can go really quickly. So, it was nice to have two days and have the night before to be more relaxed and informal. We were able to have a proper catch up with guests and spend time with them. You wouldn’t necessarily get to spend a lot of time with everyone on the day itself.

Ian: It worked well because there were people travelling quite far to co me along. The idea of trying to cram it all into a few hours on the one day was just felt a bit too much. So, the idea of being able to do two days that was more relaxed was definitely what we wanted.

Did guests travel far?

Ian: Most of our family were relatively nearby. We had people from Northumberland, where James is from, and then my family are all in Leeds, so they travelled up. One guest travelled all the way from Toronto in Canada, so it’s quite a distance for them! There were also people from around the UK, such as Birmingham, as well as from Jersey.

What did they think of your venue choice?

Ian: They loved it. I would say about 90% of guests were able to join for both days and they had a snoop around on the night before and really enjoyed that. The main feedback we had from all the guests was just how they didn’t feel like they were just a guest at a wedding venue. They felt much more relaxed and spent much more time actually enjoying the venue than you would at a hotel for one day.

James: I think it’s because it almost feels like home when you’re having it for two days as well. My Best Man’s got a little boy, and when he was leaving, he said that he really liked our house! He just thought it was our home. You do almost feel like you live there, which is kind of warm!

And how was the wedding day?

Ian: It was really good. I’d not slept much the night before, so I was awake from about 2am, but it all just kind of went really smoothly. We could hear our guests waking up and getting ready, so we were able to pop in and see them. That was really exciting be cause it was all part of the build up…

James: And once we’d spoken to all the suppliers, we had chance to walk around the grounds and take some time for ourselves. We appreciated that and Ellingham Hall having the space to find those moments when we could on our own before the wedding.

Your advice to those planning a wedding?

Ian: Don’t stress over things that aren’t important! You’re there to get married and celebrate with the people that you love, your friends and family. So, enjoy your time.

James: I think that’s why Elllingham Hall works so well. It lets you do that but at a really good pace. It doesn’t feel rushed because it’s a two night experience and it will go really
fast! But if you’re somewhere like Ellingham Hall, then you can make the most of the time that you’ve got!

If you are looking for a two night wedding celebration in Northumberland, contact us today and discuss your ideas with our award-winning weddings team!


Photographers – From The Smiths
Hairdresser – Hair by Victoria Alder
Wedding Cake Company – Bessy’s Sweet Bakes
Florist – Wild With Love Flowers
Band – The Sleekit Beasties
Suits – Mr Munro
Shoes – Loake
Rings – Goldsmiths
Chocolate Favours – Studio 28 Patisserie