Seared Cajun Tuna Steak with soft boiled Eggs, grilled Tenderstem Broccoli, shaved Parmesan, Gherkins and Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Cook/Prep Time – 20 mins

Serves – 4 persons




4 x 6oz fresh Tuna steaks

1 x tablespoon Cajun mixed spice

8 x free range eggs

500g x Tenderstem broccoli

100g x shaved parmesan

4 x gherkins

50ml x extra virgin olive oil




  1. Place eggs in boiling water for 9 minutes
  2. Take out, set aside and leave to cool
  3. Heat a frying pan adding a splash of oil, dust the Tuna steaks with Cajun spice and place them in the pan
  4. Cook steaks for 1 minute then turn over and cook for a further minute
  5. Take Tuna out of the pan and set aside to rest
  6. Keep the frying pan on the heat and add the broccoli, tossing in pan until tender
  7. Place broccoli on a serving plate
  8. Place Tuna on top of broccoli, then add sliced gherkins, halved eggs, shaved parmesan and place around the dish
  9. Add a splash of olive oil and season with smoked sea salt and black pepper