NECC local 2

North East Chamber of Commerce

Meetings & Networking Case Study

Company Background

The North East England Chamber of Commerce is the region’s largest member organisation, representing around 3,000 businesses. From SMEs to multi-nationals, we bring business people together across a range of member events.



To host a Chamber Area Local Meeting and additionally an informal Chamber Local Networking Event


What we did

Many venues will offer corporate clients a formal setting for Networking and Meetings, but few will go to great efforts to make your organisation stand out from the crowd.

So when The Chamber visited Ellingham Hall for two very different events, they were left both impressed and awed.

The first was a Chamber Area Local Meeting, which is a very formal meeting, requiring a boardroom set up. A guest speaker provides a presentation and light refreshments are offered. Our Chapel and Entrance Hall provided the perfect setting for their meeting.

For the second event, the Dining Room was completely transformed with suitable poser tables ideal for a distinct Local Networking event before Christmas.

As well as being a great place for meeting other businesses, we gave their members an extra treat by transforming our venue and allowing them to join our VIP Showcase that included entertainment, food from our award-winning chef and a tour of the entire building.



Clare McCabe, Relationship Manager, said: “We are developing a great relationship with Ellingham Hall because they are so open and willing to help. We are planning a summer networking event at the Hall this year on the strength of our last two events.

“The Hall has such a lovely feeling and having our meeting at the same time as the corporate launch last year was perfect because there was music and entertainment too, which gave a very different feel to what we usually have at other local networking events.

“They’re also very proactive when it comes to sharing their news with us, which we communicate to our members on a regular basis.

“The Chamber needs local venues that make the North East stands out, and Ellingham Hall is a venue that is a hidden gem that is starting to get noticed for its ability to put on a memorable event or conference.”