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Autumn colours make the Perfect Backdrop!

24th January 2023

Lydia & Sean

20th October 2022

When Lydia and Sean decided to tie the knot, Lydia was sure about two things: an autumn wedding and hiring a wedding planner!

Choosing her favourite season, Lydia knew that Ellingham Hall was the perfect wedding venue for an autumnal celebration.

And whilst she felt reassured our wedding coordinators would make sure things went smoothly on the day, Lydia wanted peace of mind that the rest of the elements would also fall into place. So, she decided to call on the expertise of wedding planner, Hannah from The Wedding Taylor.


Why choose Autumn for your Wedding?

It’s my favourite season. We had an autumnal theme with our colours being burgundy, gold and navy blue. The Hall looked beautiful as the leaves of the creeper were changing colour to dark orange and red tones. It was such a beautiful backdrop for our photos.

Why use a Wedding Planner?

We chose a wedding planner for a bit more peace of mind in the run-up to our dream wedding weekend. It was mainly because we knew she’d think of all of the questions that we would never think of asking, having never been married before.

We’d already chosen Ellingham Hall as the perfect wedding venue, and we enlisted the support of Hannah to take the reins so we could enjoy the final run up to our big day. She ticked all the boxes when it came to organising what needed booking and arranging. It meant we didn’t have to think ‘have we done everything’ or be worried we had forgotten something important.

What was the Experience like?

It was great. I think it was very straight forward for Hannah because she was dealing with an experienced team of wedding planners at Ellingham Hall.

Shaun, Hannah and I were kindly invited along to the Hall to go through the schedule of the day, which gave Hannah an insight to Ellingham Hall and us the peace of mind that both parties were on the same page.

She said there were no problems with treading on each other’s toes. And I think she liked the fact we had the whole venue, rather than at a hotel where she’d have to work around other events and weddings taking place. She said she got on with everyone and left feeling part of the team on the day of our wedding.

Was Ellingham Hall the Perfect Wedding Venue for you?

We loved the feel of Ellingham Hall. We knew that the Hall would work in any season because of how it looks. And we loved the two-night wedding experience. It meant we were able to relax and welcome our guests rather than running around trying to meet everyone on the day. We met them the night before, so it helped us feel more relaxed for our day.

Our guests had a lovely time and enjoyed staying in both the house and cottages. And they really enjoyed the After Dark Experience. I think we told one or two people beforehand but they probably forgot about it, so it was a real surprise when the party extended beyond midnight. Everyone loved it.

Any Standout Moments?

It was when our DJ let us have a last dance. We had our first dance in front of everyone, but the DJ turfed everyone out so we could have a last dance on our own!

If you’re looking for the perfect wedding venue in Northumberland, contact our wedding planning team today and let us make your wedding dreams come true!


Photographer – Sean Elliott Photography 

Film – Top Table Films

Wedding Dress – The Wedding Dress Company

Suits – Master Debonair

Flowers & Styling – The Whole Sch-Bang

Signage & Stationary @l.k.n.designs (Brides own business)

MUA – Lisa Jones Hair & Make Up Artist

Cake – The Little Cakery 

DJ – Steven Maddison DJ

Live Entertainment: Saxophonist – I am Joe Reeve      Bongos – Ben Fitzgerald   Singer – Lauren Amour      Singer – @sashsings 

Wedding Planner – The Wedding Taylor 

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