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A classy, exclusive wedding venue that’s also homely!

27th October 2022

Cai & Daniel

21st June 2022

When it came to Daniel and Cai’s saying I do, the couple needed an exclusive wedding venue that had to be stress-free.

While Daniel’s family only had to travel from around the North East to Northumberland, Cai’s nearest and dearest had to fly over from America for the special celebration.

But, says Cai, it was a fantastic decision – and Ellingham Hall ended up being the perfect venue for our wedding. Indeed, all our guests are still taking about the amazing two-night celebration!

Cai shares with us her experience and how she and Daniel chose us as their perfect wedding venue for all the family.


Where are you both from?

I’m from Pennsylvania, USA and Daniel is from Sunderland in Tyne & Wear.

 How did you meet?

We met in the States on 21 June 2016. Daniel was going to the University of York at the time. I was in college as well and we met at the university where we were both working that summer. It was love at first sight. We got engaged on 21 June 2021 and married exactly 365 days after our engagement day.

Why did you decide to move the UK?

I’ve been living in the UK continuously since September of 2020, at which time we were in Cambridge, and I was doing a Master’s degree. Originally, the plan was to go back to the States after we got married, but the time away from my home country made me really want to stay. I’ve just been loving the UK more and more, so I am very happy here.

Why did you choose your dream wedding in Northumberland?

We wanted to get married in the UK, but I knew it was a huge task as I had no idea where to begin. I was looking at venues, when I saw Ellingham Hall on Bridebook directory. I was looking for somewhere that would be least stressful. I was willing to pay for professionals to take care of me, guide me through the process, but still create an amazing experience. As more than half of the guests were coming from overseas, the fact that we could stay over two nights and spend quality time together, meant I thought, “OK, we must go and visit!” I didn’t consider or tour any other venues following our viewing!

So, you it must have been the perfect venue for you?

My mum, Daniel and I visited, and as we were waiting in the lounge area for a member of the Ellingham Hall weddings team, there was a great chemistry with the place. It is the perfect combination of being classy and exclusive but also cosy and homely, without being intimidating which we loved.

You had a Native American prayer for your wedding. Why was that?

I am not a Native American, I am half English and Dutch, but I feel that the Native American spirituality is really special. I love its appreciation of life and nature, and the whole sentiment of that prayer is what I really love about aspects of the US, like Native American culture. I like the fact that the wedding is this ancient legal ceremony that I wanted to keep sacred. But I had that bit of the prayer in to tie it to what I feel spiritually.

Did your family enjoy their stay after their long trip?

It is a cliché, but so many Americans do just think English culture is so, I don’t know, nice, exciting, pretty. Giving people an opportunity to go to a new country meant we were everyone’s favourite! Obviously, the grounds of Ellingham Hall are so beautiful and the accommodation’s so nice, it was a really great opportunity for my side of the family. This was their first experience of the UK, and everyone just adored it. As we were able to chill and chat with everyone the night before, it really helped everyone relax as it was the first time, we’d all met – it was a great icebreaker!

So, it was a better choice than a hotel?

Definitely! It wasn’t just a case of standing around listening to the ceremony for five hours and then going home, we were able to relax with each other and make precious memories together for our wedding which is so special.

 And did they also use your photo booth?

Yes, we wanted a bit of fun, and it was an idea to segue people from the Hall to the outdoor rooftop lounge. Our guests really enjoyed that and the stunning views of the Northumbrian coast!

If you are search for an exclusive wedding venue in Northumberland for the perfect wedding celebration with family and friends, contact our wedding planning team today.


Photographer – Chocolate Chip Photography

Hair – Stephanie Gayle Bridal Hair

MUA – Dani MUA

Dress – Morgan Davies Bridal 

Evening Corset – Karolina Laskowska

Suits – Trotter & Deane

Florist – Lavenders Blue

Cake – The Cake Garden 

DJ – Icon Entertainment

Photobooth – Blush Booth